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We Have Programs for LGBTQ Youth in Texas

Real Live Connection is a non-profit organization that provides development and enhancement programs to at-risk LGBTQ+ youths aged 13-19. We strive to engage with an extraordinary and often ignored group, helping them grow in an inclusive, safe space. We help to encourage them to develop relationships with one another and learn, all in an environment dedicated to their safety and happiness.

Our Programs

We utilize various programs to advocate for and empower individuals. We have a mentorship program, outreach programs, a Cup of Confidence program for coming out and coping, a trans youth support group, and free HIV testing.

Our Events

We are proud to host numerous events to encourage and enrich the lives of those who participate in our programs. Our events include Dallas Teen Pride, which focuses on creating a safe place for teens and allies to celebrate pride.


What We Do


We host workshops covering a broad spectrum of topics, including money management, consent, and how to adult. These programs help LGBTQ youth prepare for adulthood.


We have created an all-inclusive space for youth to build confidence and develop relationships that will guide them through their lives.


It is important to us to create an environment where we can connect with LGBTQ+ youth and forge lifelong friendships by establishing a sound community.


Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth make up the largest demographic of at-risk teenagers. Our organization provides them with the support they need.

Create a Safe Space

Many young LGBTQ+ teenagers do not have an environment in which they can be themselves. Our goal is to create a safe space where they can learn and develop as accepted individuals.


It is essential to create an environment where allies and LGBTQ youth feel supported and understood. Our organization has worked tirelessly to transform lives.

We strive to engage with an extraordinary and often ignored group, helping them grow in an inclusive, safe space.

Sponsoring Dallas Teen Pride Since 2013

We have been a proud sponsor of Dallas Teen Pride since 2013. This event began as a music festival aimed at celebrating LGBTQ+ youth and providing them with a safe space to take pride in who they are and interact with others in the LGBTQ+ community. Today, we have partnered with Dallas Pride to interact with various all-inclusive venues to encourage self-identification.

3824 Cedar Springs Rd #1192
Dallas, TX 75219